At Wonderfruit, our ethos is to encourage, develop and innovate creative solutions for sustainable living and bring together a global community to celebrate them.

Reimagining Wonderfruit as a pop-up city


Let's re-think the way a society functions, from its waste management, water, transportation and logistics to energy, food, human interactions to social experiments. By designing a city with these elements in mind, we can re-engineer traditional practices to create a world we want to see.

Live. Love. Wonder.


Over the past five years, we’ve built a celebration of sustainability on six pillars: Art & Architecture, Farm to Feasts, Music, Family, Talks & Workshops and Wellness. This year, we continue to curate experiences that bring our global community together.

A celebration of the creative energy radiating out of the Southeast Asian diaspora, and hopefully, a glimpse into a new way of living.
From the Wonderpost
2 August 2019
Q&A: Nick Luscombe Explains Musicity and Hints at What’s in Store
One of the highlights of Wonderfruit 2019 is sure to be a live concert of musical creations inspired by iconic destinations in Bangkok. In a Q&A with Musicity founder, Nick Luscombe, we explore the project to give you a feel for what to expect.   WONDERPOST: What was your inspiration to start Musicity in the first place?   NICK: There were many reasons why the project started—and how it has developed.    I have long been fascinated by the design of our cities, how each individual place makes us feel and why we take certain routes and pathways as we journey from A to B. I was curious about the idea of embedded music at locations as a way to influence those decisions.    I also wondered how musicians would respond to architecture as a brief and if it was possible to create a new platform that would shine a light on new music and architecture.    How do music and architecture go hand in hand to create an experience?   Both are very immediate artforms and hugely influential in the way we live our day-to-day lives. They both have so much emotional resonance.     I feel that it’s quite an untapped subject, but our work over the last eight years is expanding into so many different areas now...we are only in the early stages of learning how we can work with sound and space to create new experiences.     You work with musicians, producers and even poets and scientists for the project; how do you choose them?    It’s important to get the right artists/poets for each set of locations. We try to make sure a lot of the artists have strong connections to the area of focus. We work independently in London and develop ideas with local producers internationally. The science angle is new and we are partnering with the University of Tokyo and other organisations including ARUP.    When it comes to the destination, what qualifies a site or setting for the Musicity treatment, and how do you match it with the artist?   Every place has its own unique characteristics, thanks to the interaction of various circumstances from the layout of the area and the shape of buildings, roadways and parks, to the people, animals, birds and insects that inhabit these spaces. This collision of events creates a perfect ecosystem of possibilities that inspires and informs our practice and enables us to work in all manner of places, from huge cities like Tokyo and Shanghai, to smaller towns and countryside areas.    We then aim to match artists with each place, working with a combination of local musicians and visiting musicians who research areas that are new to them.   What are some of your personal favorite Musicity experiences, projects or tracks so far? What makes them extra special for you?   It’s hard to pick a favourite! All tracks are unique and 100 percent dedicated to the space of inspiration. Each track becomes special when I go to the location and hear it in situ for the first time. For me there are now so many parts of the world that have become new memories thanks to the music associated with them   We’ve been fortunate to work on large scale projects in China, Japan and Korea...and also smaller one-off pieces for gallery exhibitions. The body of work is of such high quality from all of our artists. It’s super humbling!     What’s the greatest challenge in creating music for a destination?   I think for the artists it’s about the fact that each piece will be associated with the space forever. That’s quite a heavy commitment, I feel.    For Musicity at Wonderfruit you’ve selected artists from Erased Tapes Records, what’s the story behind the collaboration?   I’ve long been a fan of the Erased Tapes label and the many artists they work with. Although the releases are sonically quite varied, the label does have a sound world that I felt would match the aims of Musicity,    After a conversation with label boss Robert (an ex architect) and several of the Erased Tapes artists, it was clear that we could make this happen.    It’s quite a challenge to write tracks in a very short time about a place that’s far away, but I sense it’s going to result in some very special work.   How are the locations selected for the Bangkok edition?   The list of locations has been developed with the Wonderfruit team and the visiting artists. This is another critical part of our work: developing the Musicity programme through local knowledge to ensure it has wide-ranging appeal to people that live in the city as a primary endeavour.   How do you imagine soundtracks of Bangkok?   I have never been to Thailand but I can imagine there is so much hidden sonic richness in Bangkok to unearth, which will fully represent what I sense is an incredibly dynamic city.   What are you personally looking forward to at Wonderfruit?   The line-up is incredible and I’m looking forward to checking out as much music as possible surrounded by the combination of the stunning natural landscape and the architectural interactions from Ab Rogers. I really can’t wait!    What’s in store for Musicity next?   We have big plans for several cities around the world - including films, more VR experiences and live events.   Enormous thanks to Nick for taking the time to talk us through his global project. We can’t wait to experience it at Theatre Stage in December. Find out more here. 
1 August 2019
7 Ways You Can Get Involved in Wonderfruit
Got skills? There are lots of ways for passionate Wonderers with diverse talents to do their thing in The Fields. Let’s explore them and then, if you’re feeling inspired, you can apply to be part of the team.   VOLUNTEERS Our enthusiastic band of hardworking volunteers is crucial to making Wonderfruit happen. From building stages and setting up Boutique Camping, to helping out with kids’ activities or running trash walks, there’s a huge range of departments to get involved in, for a memorable, behind-the-scenes experience of The Fields.    INSTALLATION ARTISTS We’re looking for creative minds with a vision that will spark dialogues about social and environmental issues. The installation art in The Fields spans media, from the sculptural and structural to the musical and mechanical, and inspires a sense of wonder.   THEATRICAL PERFORMERS Performances at Wonderfruit are immersive and compelling. We’re interested in roaming, site-specific and pop-up spectacles that play with the landscape and, of course, our curious Wonderers.   WORKSHOP LEADERS People connect through meaningful exchanges and we welcome dynamic presenters with a skill, passion or hobby to share with our community. Give us your creativity and culture, whether it’s a traditional craft, dance or cooking technique.   F&B VENDORS We’re calling for gastro stars to bring their café, bar, restaurant, food truck or street food stalls to The Fields and we’re particularly interested if you can help create diverse, hearty and healthy eating and drinking experiences for our hungry and thirsty Wonderers.    RETAIL VENDORS Are you a creative maker, designer or artisan with a product that aligns with our ethos? We’re looking for sellers whose creations will help Wonderers live the Wonderfruit lifestyle.     ART CAR DESIGNERS  We’ve got Wonderfruit golf carts waiting to be transformed into weird and wonderful mobile creations. It could be anything from a prowling monster or mobile puppet show to a gaming station on wheels.    So, are you in? Apply now to be part of Wonderfruit 2019 here.  
24 July 2019
Ed Banger Records takes over Forbidden Fruit and we are not ready
Veteran Wonderers know and love Forbidden Fruit as a decadent dance destination and home of hedonistic fun and celebrations of self expression. Our beautiful bamboo boudoir has hosted international performances in the past, but this year’s takeover by French phenomenon Ed Banger Records is set to take the party off the scale.   With a focus on house, alternative dance, electro, hip hop, nu disco, and synthpop, a line-up of music-makers united by groove will hit the decks to make your Saturday extra spectacular. So, who’s on?   Busy P Former manager of Daft Punk, DJ, producer and Ed Banger label owner Pedro Winter has certainly earned his stage name, Busy P. The man who discovered Justice has gone from being an icon of the Parisian underground to the Frenchman who makes the whole world dance. Don’t miss out.   Breakbot & Irfane A call and response between funky synths, catchy bass lines and irresistible guitar riffs characterizes the deeply danceable sound of Thibaut Berland aka Breakbot. Since the addition of Irfane’s melodic vocals on Baby I’m Yours, the duo have been unstoppable. We dare you not to sing along:   Myd When this multi-talented beatmaker isn’t busy performing with his band, Club Cheval, he’s in the studio, working with the likes of French artists SCH, Lacrim and Alonzo, Atlanta rappers Twice and Lil Patt or Kanye West. Turn this up for a taste of his irreverent, retro sound:   Yasmin Honey-voiced singer, songwriter and DJ Yasmin has worked with the likes of Pharrell and Major Lazer, and performed all over the world. Her newly launched night, “FENG SHUI”, invites Londoners to explore world music surrounded by good energy and we can’t wait for her to bring the experience to Forbidden Fruit. PS: Word on the street is she’ll make an appearance on the mic during Breakbot & Irfane’s set too.   The Ed Banger Records takeover is possible thanks to support from Collective Minds and The Embassy of France, and we can’t wait to see it in action.    Find out more about your Forbidden Fruit experience here.
17 July 2019
Q&A with Pete: Welcome to Wonderfruit 2019
We sat down with our CEO and Founder, Pranitan aka Pete, to kick off Wonderfruit 2019 officially, and discuss his vision for this year.   WONDERPOST: With our first announcements made and five months till Wonderfruit 2019, how are you feeling? PETE: I like it when we get to this moment; it gets really real from here.    We’re thinking about Wonderfruit in a particular way this time; how would you describe it? Since we started Wonderfruit, we’ve realized that every year we’re creating a city. Now we’re taking that concept more seriously, thinking about what cities are, how they function and the elements that make them, and trying to design a pop-up version that’s the sort of city we’d like to see.    So, what have we learnt and what’s evolving this time? Wonderfruit is built on an ethos of creating a dialogue about environmental issues in a relevant way. We’ve seen where our sustainable shortcomings are, and we’ve built a network with partners and experts who can help us improve.    Who are some of those experts? We’re working with organizations like UNDP and we’ve identified five of their Sustainable Development Goals that we want to address. To do that effectively, we also work with Thailand Greenhouse Organization, who audit and measure all our processes so we can see what needs fixing and get guidance on how to do it.   What are some of the unique things we can do in our pop-up city? We have an additional opportunity to address social behavior and culture in our city. We can come up with new and exciting ways to bring people together, whether that's how they interact with the land, the architecture, performances or with each other.   And what do you hope will be the takeaway from our pop-up city? I hope the things we’re implementing will influence people’s daily lives beyond Wonderfruit. Hopefully, with help from our partners, we can create an experience that will go some way to restructuring people’s priorities and habits.    Listen to the full interview here and stay tuned for more updates on what’s in store for you, the inhabitants of our pop-up city.   
14 July 2019
Wonderfruit Installment Plan
This year we’re launching a brand new payment plan scheme, so you don’t have to do it all in one hit. We’ve teamed up with our ticketing platform, Ticketmelon, to give you an option to buy things like tickets, accommodation and (soon) Wonder Feasts bit by bit.   How much and when? With the payment plan, the magic number is 4. Whatever you’re purchasing with it, the minimum net price for the transaction is THB 4,000, the interest rate for the plan is 4%, and you pay in 4 monthly installments. The first payment is due when you initially check out and the following three are paid each month after that.     Who can use it? You can set up your plan if you have a VISA or Mastercard with any of these banks: SCB, Bangkok Bank, Citi, Krungthai, Thanachart and UOB, or JCB (for KTB Bangkok Airways JCB Platinum Credit Card only). Here’s a quick cheat to check if you are eligible for the installment plan: Go to and select the item or items you want to buy (must add up to at least THB 4,000). On the payment page, choose “credit card” as your payment channel, fill in your BIN (bank identification number) and your full name as it appears on the card you’re using.  If you’re eligible, an installment plan checkbox will appear.    If you want to go ahead with the payment plan, check the box, your installments will be calculated for you and you can make the first payment.  What else is good to know? Don’t forget, Ticketmelon add their fees, so they’ll be included in the final tally. The installment plan is not available on at-door sales.
20 June 2019
Graphic Designer Wanted: Join Team Wonderfruit
Graphic Designer Wanted: Join Team Wonderfruit   We’re looking for a creative visual conjurer with a range of skills in graphic design to join our dynamic team. This exciting role requires a quick thinker with an eye for details and some serious skills. If that sounds like you, read on for more details of what’s involved.   First up, these will be your key responsibilities: Building digital products: anything from websites and applications to display advertising online. Bringing the design to life on site by co-operating with suppliers and production team. Working with marketing team and providing assets related to EDM and social media.   These are the qualifications, skills and qualities we’re looking for: Excellent communication and organization skills. Flexible on a day-to-day basis with task priorities. Meticulous attention to visual design and detail. Strong grasp of information hierarchy. Strong and proven skills in related applications such as Adobe CC (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe XD). Ability to edit video, add text and tracks and create social media versions and/or cut-downs for a variety of platforms. Solid knowledge and strong sense of conceptual and design processes. Desire to learn and grow, and willing to work overtime if necessary. Ability to work alongside the top managers of the company and report to Design Manager. Ability to operate in a fast-­paced work environment. Ability to work on site and be a problem solver who knows how to have fun!   Here are our deal-breakers: Thai nationality Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design, Fine Arts, or related fields Minimum 2-4 years development experience in Graphic Design, Web Design and Digital Design   And extra bonus points if you are: An expert in Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects Proficient in written and spoken English   Sounds like you? Get in touch. Send your application including a cover letter and CV to
18 June 2019
In an exciting new project for this year, we’re inviting designers, architects and creators all over the world to imagine a sustainable pavilion that will house an on-site exhibition to showcase our journey and visions. Teaming up with an international jury of design experts, we’ve launched an open call for creative minds to design a new pavilion for Wonderfruit 2019. We’re looking for ideas that: Embody the Wonderfruit ethos, acting as a striking beacon for its powerful brand and supporting and communicating its ethical values. Are waterproof, sustainable, lightweight, intelligent and evolved. Utilise local materials such as grass, bamboo, timber, mud etc. or other innovative sustainable materials. Are 120sqm. Celebrate craft and engineering practices, employing them to create a world-class but locally relevant final design. Are built to last for at least 5 years, with zero negative environmental impact and a sustainable after-life whether upcycled, reused or disintegrated via gradual, organic decomposition or through a more dramatic ritual dissolution. Consider the structure's evolution over time and its adaptation to changing environmental conditions in a tropical location. Are radical and functional, curious and surprising, while considering  modularity, flexibility, expandability, longevity, lightness vs. solidity, etc. Can be built in one month. We’ve asked design individuals or teams to submit their initial ideas as a digital A6-size postcard.   From the postcards received, Ab Rogers Design Studio (designer of several projects in Wonderfruit 2018 and 2019) will select the 20 best designs. From there, an international jury of design experts (including Ab Rogers, Deyan Sudjic, Farshid Moussavi, Aric Chen, El Ultimo Grito, Lorenzo Alvarez, Brooke Hodge, Rachaporn Choochuey, Dr. Singh Intrachooto, and Boonserm Premthada) will whittle the responses down to the best six. The final six shortlisted designers will have the chance to develop their design further and after the jury has reviewed these developed designs, the winner will be selected and announced. Two members of the winning team will be flown to Thailand to spend a month on site at Wonderfruit, where they’ll work with the team to realize their pavilion and stay to see it in action when the festival goes live from 12 to 16 December 2019.   Stay tuned right here for updates on this exciting competition as it unfolds. Right now, the entry deadline has passed and Ab Rogers' team are enthusiastically sorting through the many submissions we received to choose the 20 shortlisted designers. Watch this space. 
16 June 2019
Wonder Room at Hotel Art Fair 2019
Hotel Art Fair takes over W Bangkok from 22 to 23 June and we are creating our own little world within it. Step out of the city and into the Wonder Room.   Our environment is becoming compromised as human development takes over the natural world. Wonderfruit exists to appreciate the beauty and mystery of the planet, while finding ways to stir the mind, body and soul to act for nature. This room invites you to wonder what actions you can take to make things better.    Wonder Room features a meditative, immersive light installation by Matteo Masservy, the man behind the wondrous lighting of Forbidden Fruit and Theatre Stage. His dancing projected particles will transport you into the natural world, as you discover other familiar elements from Wonderfruits of the past, including Pearl and Celeste, Nice Monster’s celestial and ocean puppets made from reclaimed plastics and fabrics.   Join us in the Wonder Room, hang out with the team, grab a drink from the bath, and discover how art compels you to think differently about the natural world. Plus, get 900 Baht off Full Passes for Wonderfruit 2019 with our HAF flash sale.   #HAF19 takes place from 11am to 11pm on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 June at W Bangkok. Find out more here.
15 May 2019
Accommodation at Wonderfruit
You can now book a selection of our most popular accommodation options, so let us help you make your choice with this definitive guide on where to lay your head in The Fields.   By far the best way to immerse yourself in the full experience is to stay on site at Wonderfruit. Bring your own tent and pitch it in our General Camping zone for 600 baht, which covers you for the whole duration. One General Camping pass grants you one wristband, which must be worn to enter the General Camping zone. Here you'll find toilets, showers and refilling stations for your water bottles too. When you arrive, simply pick up your wristband, find a space and pitch your tent. Pro tip: the General Camping pass goes up to 900 baht on the door, so best to book in advance.  If you're looking for convenience AND luxury, may we present: Boutique Camping. Head for the dedicated entrance and car park, and pick up your Boutique Camping access wristbands. From here, settle into your beautiful on-site home. The Boutique Camping area has its own toilets, showers and drinking water stations for communal use, and all accommodation options are fully furnished with beds, linens and towels. Here are your choices:   Boutique RV For all the fun, luxury and security of campervanning without having to drive, a Boutique RV awaits you with one double bed and two single bunk beds, its own toilet and shower plus a fridge, microwave and air conditioning, all for 70,000 baht for the whole festival.   Introducing: Safari Duo Newly decorated for this year, our re-dubbed Safari Duo is a luxurious retreat for two. With air conditioning and a ready-made king-size bed, it'll keep you and your partner-in-crime cool and comfy, all for 50,000 baht for all four nights.   Bell Tents Stocked with two double beds and fresh linen and towels, our Bell Tents sleep up to four people. Stay cool with air conditioning for 40,000 baht or chill out with a fan for 30,000 baht for four nights All Safari Duos and Bell Tents have a secure lock box and a power point for the lamp and your phone charger.   Whatever and wherever you choose to stay, if your cart adds up to THB 4,000 or more at checkout, you can opt to pay in 4 monthly installments; find out more here.    For more information and bookings, check out our Accommodations page.   More info on additional options is coming soon.
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