At Wonderfruit, our ethos is to encourage, develop and innovate creative solutions for sustainable living and bring together a global community to celebrate them.

Reimagining Wonderfruit as a pop-up city


Let's re-think the way a society functions, from its waste management, water, transportation and logistics to energy, food, human interactions to social experiments. By designing a city with these elements in mind, we can re-engineer traditional practices to create a world we want to see.

Live. Love. Wonder.


Over the past five years, we’ve built a celebration of sustainability on six pillars: Art & Architecture, Farm to Feasts, Music, Family, Talks & Workshops and Wellness. This year, we continue to curate experiences that bring our global community together.

2019 Highlights
A celebration of the creative energy radiating out of the Southeast Asian diaspora, and hopefully, a glimpse into a new way of living.
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From the Wonderpost
5 December 2019
Explore The Map and Get to Know Our Place: The Fields
Wonderfruit is so, so close that we can already feel that familiar tingle of excitement that comes before four days and nights on wonder.   Are you ready, Wonderers? Click on the map below and discover what you'll find when you get to The Fields:   .magnify>.magnify-lens { width: 200px; height: 200px;}     If you still don't have your ticket, make sure to book before 11 Dec or pay more at the door.
3 December 2019
(Almost) Everything You Need to Know About Wonderfruit 2019
  Well, Wonderers. It’s that time again. The time to prepare for our next meeting in The Fields, when you come together from every corner to celebrate four days and nights of art, music, food and ideas with us. You can call it the most wonderful time of the year.   Before you get here, there are a few things that every Wonderer should have in mind to make sure life at Wonderfruit is as simple as it is inspiring. We’ve compiled ten topics that you absolutely could not live without, or would be glad to know, ahead of our journey together.   Number one: Bring Your Own Cup If you don’t know, now you know. This year, we have removed all single-use cups. That means that if you want water, coffee, a cold beverage, or even some life-restoring soup, you need to have your own refill cup. It’s our next step to reducing waste at Wonderfruit. A refill cup for Wonderfruit is any cup that doesn’t flex, isn’t made from glass or ceramic, and can carry at least 16-oz (437mL). Find out all the reasons here.   Number two: Getting Here, and Getting Around From Bangkok to Pattaya: Take the bus from Bangkok by catching any of the regular services from the Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekkamai), Northern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit) or Southern Bus Terminal (known as Sai Tai Mai). The journey costs around 100 baht one-way.  From Bangkok to Wonderfruit: Take a Grab rideshare (it’s like Uber or Lyft, but in Southeast Asia). Apply the code GOWONDER in the Grab app, and save 100 THB by booking JustGrab or GrabCar.  Between Wonderfruit and Pattaya: Take a shuttle between the Wonderfruit Main Entrance and Dusit Thani Pattaya, near the Dolphin roundabout in the city. Book a one-way ticket for 300 THB at the Grab Lounge. See timetables and detail here. If you’re staying at Siam@Siam, Horseshoe Point, Eastiny resort, or Centre Point Hotel Pattaya, you can take their shuttles straight from your hotel—just check the timetable with the hotel. Or take a Grab back to your hotel each time your party ends. Just please, don’t drive if you’ve had too much to drink.   Number three: Keep it Cashless When you get to the gates, we will swap your valid ticket for a wristband. Your wristband is your wallet, proof of ticket, and the only way to get in the gates all weekend long. You can top up your RFID wristband with credit at our 13 Top-Up stations throughout The Fields, and pay for anything at Wonderfruit with your wristband credit. We recommend topping up once when you get in, so you never have to think about it again. Just make sure you keep a copy of your ID with you at all times (either Thai National ID or international passport)—you’ll be asked for it every time you come through the gate. Photos of your passport on your phone are fine, just  remember to keep that phone charged.    Number four: Pre-registration This is how we know who’s coming to play. Right before Wonderfruit opens, we’ll send out an email to ticketholders to let you know how to pre-register. Pre-registering just means making sure your name matches the name on your ticket. So if a friend booked the tickets under their name, you can make sure your ticket is under your name. It’ll save you a ton of time at the gates.   Number five: Make a Plan (With the App) Download the Wonderfruit App and get live updates, an interactive map, the full lineup, and customizable schedules for every hour of the weekend. Build your own schedule and never miss a moment. You can even book workshops, wellness activities, and classes from the app as well. It’s the only way to experience the full depth of Wonderfruit, from the comfort of your phone.   Number six: What to Bring Pattaya, Thailand is hot. Even though this is our winter, and temperatures can dip below 20 in the late night hours, it gets hot and it stays there all day long. We do all our wondering outdoors in a place we call The Fields, so plan to be outside a lot. There are also some things you will need to carry to make the most of your time here: A copy of your ID. You’ll need it each time you come through the gates.  A refill cup. Bring your own of buy one from us.  Sunscreen. SPF is your friend. Sturdy shoes. Your feet deserve some love. A portable phone charger. Don’t get caught out when you need it most. An extra layer. For when the sun goes away.  A raincoat. Jury’s out on how effective this one is, but your Mom would probably recommend it. A small flashlight or headlamp. Especially handy for on-site campers, and for when your phone takes an extended nap. Wet wipes. They call it the ‘festival shower’ for a reason. Tissues. For spillage emergencies and after-meal clean ups. Mosquito spray. It’s their place, too. Fabulous fancy-dress. The wilder the better. Just remember, no culturally insensitive accessories or costumes. That’s never cool.   Number seven: Take Your Time The Fields is a big place, and there’s something happening in every corner at every hour. It’s tempting to try to do it all, and we would totally do the same if we could. But you don’t have to tip yourself over while making the most of it. Wonderfruit continues non-stop for 99 hours; you won’t make it if you don’t pace yourself. Take a nap under a tree, spend a minute with some local street food, or chat with a fellow Wonderer. No matter how you fill your time, we can pretty much promise that if it happens here, it will fill you with wonder. Give yourself breaks—and remember to hydrate.   Number eight: #ThisIsNotTrash Sustainability is the heart and soul of this movement, and we put everything into our bold environmental goals for every edition of Wonderfruit. This year—on top of being carbon neutral, sourcing all our water from our own lake, building with sustainable and repurposed materials, banning plastics, and eliminating all single-use cups—we also want to send no waste to landfill. You’ll notice a few more bins than usual in The Fields this year, but we’re making the zero-landfill goal easy for everyone. Separate your waste into the right bins, and nothing will be trashed. We have found organizations to recycle, compost, treat, and repurpose it all, so every bit of waste will have a second life after you throw it away.    Number nine: Try Something New Take in a Scratch Talk inside Eco Pavilion and learn something you never knew at the encouragement of an inspiring speaker. Let the energies rush through you at a gong bath. Dance without hesitation under the dome of Polygon Live. Dine on daring flavors at Theatre of Feasts. Admire interactive art works and unexpected performances. There is so much more to Wonderfruit that you ever imagined—just leave yourself open to the possibility, and you will not be disappointed.   Number ten: Become a Wonderer It doesn’t take much to become part of this tribe, and we highly recommend joining the crowd (although we are a little biased). We’ve come up with Our Actions, a set of ideas and attitudes for Wonderers—get to know them, and bring these ideas with you to The Fields.   People, get ready. It’s almost time to Live. Love. Wonder. Of course, none of this applies if you don’t have a ticket. Get Full, Weekend, or Sunday passes now.
3 December 2019
Discover Our Full Music Lineup
It’s the sixth wonderfruit, and we are so pleased to welcome a diverse lineup of live artists, producers, bands, and DJs. Wonderfruit has always been about more than the music—but we take our music curation as seriously as everything we do. Instead of “headliners” and supporting acts, every performance plays its part in the individual experiences we share with you, our Wonderers. We want every moment at Wonderfruit to be an expression of the mood, space, and atmosphere of The Fields. We want every sound to excite, explore, and embrace. And we hope you’ll love it.    To help you prepare for your sonic journey this year, we’ve prepared this handy selection of just some of the many musical moments at Wonderfruit.    Sunrise and sunset is celebrated at Solar Stage, with sets signalling each change of day. Massive Attack’s Daddy G, Floating Points, Acid Pauli, Arp Frique & Family, Gidge, Tiny Giant, Four Tet, Nick Luscombe, Camion Bazar b2b La Mamie's, and Antal all take up a slot defined by the position of the sun.   The Quarry welcomes the return of Craig Richards’ Collisions, a curated selection of daring DJs and challenging producers all hidden from view. Willow, Bobby. Felix Dickinson, Binh , DOTT, Nick The Record, Sonja Moonear and Powder will each share their sounds. This year, every set at The Quarry will be performed by a hidden artist—we aren’t going to announce who’s playing, you’ll just have to enjoy the moment.   The natural amphitheatre of Theatre Stage will come to life with the experimental sounds of Electric Vocuhila, Mattnimare, BOYJOZZ, Alfa Mist, and Islandman. Musicity launches completely original compositions live onstage—pieces inspired by the celebrated locations and iconic structures of Bangkok. Rival Consoles is joined by Erased Tapes labelmates Daniel Brandt & Eternal Something, Douglas Dare, Midori Hirano, and Hatis Noit, backed up by local talent Nannue Tipitier.   The deep, dark decadence of Forbidden Fruit overflows with takeovers. Ed Banger Records is bringing Busy P, Myd, Breakbot & Irfane, Broadback, and Yasmin. The queer party starters of Go Grrls fill their ‘God Save the Queer’ takeover with Wanton Witch, Mae Happyair, and Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy. Japan’s Rainbow Disco Club represents the famed festival with sets by Raphaël Top-Secret and John Gómez.   The newest space for sound, tucked in the ear of Living Village, is Creature Stage. This stage is built using recycled plastic bottles, and hosts The Turbans, Sarathy Korwar, Beardyman, GoGo Penguin, Brushy One String, Kelsey Lu, Supergoods, and Naoki Serizawa.   Ziggurat stands proudly overlooking Creature Stage, as a Thai beer garden on another level. Naj Frusciante, Midori Aoyama, and Sabai Sabai Soundsystem feature among a lineup of local and regional independent Asian selectors and DJs.   Polygon Live is returning to The Fields with its 360º sensory experience, ready to immerse all worthy visitors in light, touch, and projection arts by international VFX artists. Dark-hour dances will be delivered by Alejandro Castelli, Dandara, Kusht (Live), Alban Endlos (Live). Luis Rosenberg, Reple, Martha van Straaten, Xique-Xique (Live), Miret, Timboletti (Live), Spaniol, Matanza (Live), Viken Arman (Live), Be Svendsen (Live), KMLN, Parallells, and Sainte Vie (Live).   And then, there’s Neramit, our bamboo home base in the heart of The Fields. This Thai pavilion for all things that excite and delight will be home to takeovers from Thailand’s ZudRangMa records and their friends Maft Sai, Rattanakosin Breakin Crew, Electric Piphat Band, and Funk Bast*rd. Daniel Merlot brings a sense of dark twisted ritual to the same venue with House of The Unholy+Holy, backed up by DJs Eddie C, DJ Garth, and Chromeo (DJ Set).   Oh, and there’s even more:     Follow our Spotify account for a selection of music from our all our talent to date, hear live sets on our SoundCloud, and listen to podcasts from our collaborators, founders and friends of Wonderfruit.
3 December 2019
Prepare To Be Surprised With Kimpton Moments
Boutique Camping holds a very special place in our hearts, and boasts the very best location in The Fields. Get together under the stars with the luxuries of home and join a community of like-minded campers willing to opt for Bell Tents over hotel rooms for the ultimate accommodation experience at Wonderfruit.   If a luxurious form of camping isn’t enough of a treat for curious Wonderers, Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok’s famed Kimpton Moments are sure to sweeten the deal.   Wake up to the Morning Kick-Start at Bar.yard, a dedicated social tent by the culinary crew of Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok, serving up complimentary refreshment and revitalization from 9am–10am. Keep your eyes peeled for roaming entertainment, pop-up surprises, and delightful characters in unexpected situations with a complimentary coffee and light breakfast in hand. Swing back as the sun dips for the Evening Social Hour, from 4:30pm-5:30pm onwards each day—with complimentary libations and a bold selection of films and musical performances to pass the early evening hours.   From sunrise at the start of your day to the sunset that concludes it, surprise and delight punctuates every minute of Kimpton Moments at Boutique Camping. And they all come with treats—from the utterly superfluous to the downright essential.   We can’t tell you much more than that, or we would be spoiling the surprise. But you can trust us when we say: it’s going to be a memorable four nights together with that social vibe and personalized, luxury touches.   None of this would be coming to you if it weren’t for Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok, the debut opening for Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants in South East Asia. Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok is opening in Bangkok in 2020, but you can get a taste of the fun, flavor, and indulgence of this unique luxury hospitality offering at Boutique Camping at Wonderfruit.   Grab our last remaining Boutique RVs right now, and get in on this unexpected action.
1 December 2019
Faceless Tunes Through Day and Night at The Quarry
Craig Richards, iconic DJ and beat-chaser-in-chief at fabric nightclub in London, is bringing his perfectly-formed curation back to The Quarry this December, with a couple of unheard-of twists.   Collisions, the limitless club night and curation process pioneered by Richards, is a chance for the best to combine their sounds and styles for an evening of musical wonderments and groove-setting selections. The focus is always on the music, the speakers are tuned to perfection, and the vibe is anything but still.   We're working hard to make sure that Collisions at The Quarry meets the standard of the series, but we've added a little Wonderfruit flavor. This time, there won't be a DJ.   We should clarify. There will be an incredible lineup of DJs from across the world and musical spectrum, and each will play a set to get senses tingling and set bodies ablaze. But, for the first time, you won't be able to see the DJ. Not only that, but you won't have any indication of who is playing at any point in the night. Each Collisions artist will do their thing from behind a screen, so you'll hear every giddying moments, without seeing the look on the DJs face as their selections whip you into a dance frenzy.   But... why?   Collisions is a tailored experience that wouldn't exist if it weren't for the talent of the DJs, producers, and selectors who appear in each edition. But no matter who is behind the decks, the experience is 100% music-driven. It's the sound, and the way it makes you feel, that matters most.   We want to give every Wonderer who ventures to The Quarry each night the chance to arrive in the moment, trust the lineup, and feel no pressure to attend any specific minute of the evening. Come as you are, enjoy what you hear, and roll on to the morning with something delightful in your ears.   We will give you the daily roster, just in case you do need to plan ahead: On Friday, Binh, Bobby., and Willow will share sets; on Saturday Craig Richards, DOTT, and Sonja Moonear will be behind the screen; on Sunday Nick the Record, Felix Dickinson, and Powder will give you grooves. Not necessarily in that order...
28 November 2019
Moongazing at Moonlight Lounge with SangSom
Wonderfruit is ruled by the sun. Sunrise and sunset are celebrated in steamy gatherings and blistering sets at Solar Stage, mornings are for wellness activities and the coming together of families, and afternoons are a chance to pause and recharge.   When the sun goes down, the tone shifts and the night owls find their home on dance floors and dining halls throughout The Fields. After dark, it’s the moon’s turn to call the shots.   Settle in under the welcoming canopy of Moonlight Lounge, lay back, and stare at the moon through the evening hours with a Thai-style rum. SangSom is as recognizably Thai as any plate of Pad Thai or finely-woven silks.    SangSom’s Moonlight Lounge menu includes that most Thai of imbibable inventions: the bucket. Get your own limited edition Moonlight Lounge bucket and save on refills throughout the weekend.   Try rum the local way and get closer to the orb that owns the night.
28 November 2019
5 Ways Thailand’s Tourism Industry is Making a Difference
Thailand’s tourism sector keeps growing. More than 30 million visitors are expected to arrive in 2019 alone. We know why Thailand attracts people in such record-breaking numbers, and the experiences that the nation offers to all who land on her shores. As the visitor numbers swell, smart and conscientious actions need to be adopted and enforced to make sure that every tourist, whether they travel from the other side of the world or just up the road, leaves no lasting or damaging mark on the social or natural environments of Thailand.   As it turns out, the industry is in agreement. Under the guidance of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and its many #AmazingThailand initiatives, tens of millions of visitors are taking a more responsible approach to their journeys.   Here are just five of the many ways Thailand is cleaning up its act, and its natural environment:   NO SINGLE-USE PLASTICS  In 2018, the Thai Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) announced a ban on all single-use plastics throughout all 154 national parks in Thailand.    Instead of plastics, visitors are being encouraged to opt for biodegradable or reusable packaging and materials. So your trail snacks don’t have to hurt the trail. They’re pulling no punches in their messaging, either—at the beach at Ko Mae Ko in Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park, visitors find a sign looking out over the beautiful scene below asking ‘How long until it’s gone?’ accompanied by images of paper cups, cigarette butts and aluminium cans and how long it takes for each to biodegrade. It’s an eye-opener, and it’s working. DNP estimates that in the first year of the ban, 3 million fewer plastic items were disposed of or littered in the parks.   REDUCING OCEAN WASTE After the land, the ocean needs our attention. Thailand is stepping up and acknowledging its role in the choking of our waterways and oceans at the hands of plastic waste. To address the issue at a global scale, we have to do something locally.    ‘Upcycling the Oceans, Thailand’ is an industry-led initiative launched in 2017 which sees PTT Global Chemical (PTTGC) and the Ecoalf Foundation band together to make Thailand the first Asian country to join the global fight against ocean waste. The goal is to help rid the seas, islands and coastal areas of trash, and recycle or recover as much as possible.   IVORY-FREE THAILAND World Wildlife Foundation, collaborating with the TAT, DNP, Nokscoot Airlines and Bangkok Art and Culture Centre launched the ‘Travel Ivory Free’ campaign to stamp out the illicit trade of ivory and ivory products. The trade, though illegal in Thailand, continues—with Bangkok being seen as a trading hub for ivory flowing from Africa into Asia. The campaign is all about highlighting how no trip to Thailand needs to include ivory, and early signs from customs seizures show that it’s working. Elephants are an ancient symbol of Thailand, even appearing on old versions of the national flag. The slaughter or harm of these symbols, whether here in Asia or in Africa, doesn’t fit with the identity of the country.   KEEPING LOCAL SPACES LOCAL The natural environment is only one area which is feeling the effects of swelling visitors numbers. Social ecosystems are struggling under the weight of tourism, with many neighborhoods and villages sitting under the threat of disruption or destruction.    TAT works with small local areas in the cities and countryside to promote responsible tourism efforts and sustainable business models. Local communities are empowered to present their authentic selves while providing engaging and captivating tourism activities in their own area, keeping the tourism spend local and trading on the uniqueness of each village.     NO SMOKING ON THE BEACH Since the beginning of 2018, smoking has been banned at 24 of Thailand’s most popular beaches. Across Phuket, Phang-nga, Krabi, Trang, Samui, Hua Hin, Cha-am, Chon Buri, Rayong, and Trat, the smoking ban has been enforced. An estimated two-thirds of all cigarette butts are disposed of incorrectly or improperly, and the butts themselves can be devastating in the waterways. The filters are made of plastic, they leech toxic chemicals and heavy metals, and they take decades to biodegrade. The beaches are really beautiful—but only for as long as we keep them that way.   These are just some of the ways that Thailand is protecting its future while welcoming visitors in the present. But there are so many more. At Wonderfruit, TAT is kitting out The Fields with their latest creation to showcase Thainess to Wonderers: Baan Sabai. The mobile Thai house, built onto a bus converted to CNG, is a roaming reflection of the Thai culture and ingenuity that keeps millions coming to the country in search of an unmatched experience. Baan Sabai will park up where it’s needed, play local tunes, and encourage anyone coming from out of town or overseas to look below the surface to see the responsible, sustainable actions beneath.
27 November 2019
Drop In and Tune Out at Deus ex Machina’s House of Doing Nothing
Ah, The Fields. A magical place lovingly saturated in wonder, where every corner is a new world and every moment a new discovery. We love it, you love it. But we also know that it can be a lot to take in.   When the lifestyle gets to be a little too much, visit the House of Doing Nothing from Deus ex Machina. Kick way back, take your time, and revisit the feeling of having nothing better to do. After relaxing in the shade a while, try your hand at crafting a fan (the ultimate festival accessory) or stay when the sun sinks for a mini film fest filled with scenes of Indonesia’s wild natural spaces and biggest breaks.   Films screen from 19:00 – 22:00 on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at The House of Doing Nothing in the Upper Fields.   Deus ex Machina (god from the machine) roared into Australia’s cultural consciousness in 2006, with some neatly customised motorcycles and a quaint notion that doing something is more fun than just owning something. Deus ex Machina is a step bigger than a brand: it’s a culture. Their openness and enthusiasm strike a chord with people, wherever they are.
26 November 2019
99 Wonder-filled Moments at Wonderfruit
With less than a month until The Fields are open for more art, food, music, and ideas, it’s the perfect time to think about how you can fill your days and nights with wonder.   Wonderfruit 2019 will continue without pause for 99 hours this year, so we’ve found 99 moments you should include in your journey through these hours. This list isn’t in order, but that’s part of the fun:   Offset your carbon footprint before you arrive, by calculating the impact of your journey and donating to Mae Fah Luang Foundation’s reforestation and development efforts in the north of Thailand. Remind yourself of what it takes to be a Wonderer by getting to know Our Actions. Listen to the sounds and watch the sights of Tiger Drum’s opening ceremony at Wonderness, and set your intentions for the following four days and nights of wonder. Or visit Polygon Live’s opening, lead by Earth Echo as an immersive, contemplative meditation making full use of the 360º sounds and visuals of the other-worldly stage. Meet the man himself, Howie B—the mentor of our Intermission program to accelerate unsigned talent via Wonderfruit—during a rare set at Neramit, our home base. Go vegan with some of our planet-conscious food vendors’ menus, like mushroom broth at Genius Bar. Acquaint yourself with The Angel of Southeast by Kitti Sangkaew, the queen of natural hair. While in the lower fields, take your place in the crowd at Eco Pavilion for a Scratch Talk special: a panel discussing the future of cannabis and regulation in Thailand, featuring Don Land, Guide Rattapon, and Viroj Sumyai. Make Friday dinner special with a Wonder Feast by new Michelin star recipients 80/20, and savor their sustainable seafood. Wake up fresh and restore your levels with a vitamin drip or booster from IV LYFE, the medical professionals chasing away bad vibes and hangovers. Buy a coconut for a friend, and have a shooting contest over our special (and balling) coconut hoop bins. Dunk that ‘nut. Get loose with your fine self at the Go Grrrls Crew takeover, “God Save The Queer”—an LGBTQ+ party sure to turn Forbidden Fruit into a steamy ballroom. Kick way back in the House of Doing Nothing with Deus Ex Machina and watch a movie, make your own DIY fan, or (as the name suggests) do… nothing? Cuddle a pig and tickle a chicken at Little Fields in Camp Wonder, a hands-on, educational farm experience for kids young and old. While you’re at Camp Wonder, stick around in the shade and see live performances by the little wonders themselves, our young bands. See the sun up over Solar Stage while Floating Points fills the air with textures and tunes. Try rum the local way in the Moonlight Lounge with Sangsom, and gaze at the moon with a limited edition bucket in hand. Learn of the plight of trafficking’s forgotten victims—boys—in a Scratch Talk by Maria Mounsher, someone who couldn’t let these vulnerable men go ignored. Cool off at Bath House. You know you are allowed to get in the water, right? Be introduced to the Japanese art of rope bondage in an intimate workshop by shibari artist and professional rigger Unnamedminor. Or listen to model Waleerat Lomkom explain what it takes to be a rope bunny. Let Ryan Clayton spell out your future in a one-on-one tarot card and astrology reading session at Wonderness. Feel better about your fates in a screamy, sweaty, intense workshop by Rajen Palsingh: Relieving Inner Anger. Wander the Street Food Zone and sample a little of everything good, fast, and local in The Fields. Stumble into The Quarry and listen to… someone. This year, Collisions by Craig Richards is bringing the very best DJs together, then hiding them from sight. It’s all about the music.  Sink into yourself with a Kava Ceremony by Kava World International, and appreciate how this special drink holds spiritual significance across the Pacific. Fill up on what Thonglor’s best kitchens have to offer at SOT, our urban playground in The Fields. While you’re under the cover of SOT, drop your jaw watching the world’s best turntablists, mixers, and DJs as part of a Red Bull 3style takeover at the venue. Try something a little stronger from the Monkey Shoulder team, mixing up a storm behind the boards at SOT. Find out things you really didn’t know about yourself at House of the Unholy Ritual, a sci-fi pagan ceremony created and conducted by Daniel Merlot.  Repent for those sins by creating something positive in the world at the Concept Lab by Indorama Ventures, a workshop space for making new objects from waste plastic. If it sounds complicated, Precious Plastic’s creative crew will be on hand to assist. Climb up on Ziggurat and settle in for a soda-fuelled mixology session by Niks Anuman Rajadhon, as he recreates his most famous cocktails in non-alcoholic fashion. Gaze back upon Living Village, our newest venue built to be a capsule of everything Wonderfruit offers and believes in, all in a natural form designed for the senses. Stay in Living Village and feast your eyes upon our most sustainable staging effort to date: Creature Stage with Indorama Ventures. Those vibrant, colorful fabrics decorating the stage were made from plastic bottles we collected from Bangkok residents. Stick around to hear brand new performances by our four Intermission finalists for 2019. These emerging acts were part of an open annual call to discover unknown artists and mentor them onto the main stage at Wonderfruit. Eat the past with chef Num at Wonder Kitchen. The Isaan culinary craftsman is diving into the history books for the dishes he is serving at the intimate, 30-seat chef’s table. Follow dinner with an award-winning, luxurious cocktail by the team from Old Man, one of Asia’s best bars—slinging drinks at Omelette. Stop by Baan Sabai as it stops for its next performance. This big, beautiful bus is decked out as a model Thai house, and reflects the best of #AmazingThailand in sounds and sights. Find the other bus in The Fields, Molam Bus. Hear the smooth croon of Chalermpol Malakham, an originator of the upcountry sound. Swing over to Sing Sing Theatre or Rabbit Hole and see how Bangkok’s bars and clubs put their best foot forward in The Fields. Find your place under the blinding canopy of immersive lights and sounds at Polygon Live, and surrender yourself to the full-body experience. Dance the night away at the Ed Banger Records takeover of Forbidden Fruit. Yes, *that* Ed Banger Records. Prepare to swoon. Follow the ambience to a special evening set by none other than Four Tet, one of the world’s finest purveyors of electronic sounds and ecstatic grooves. Unleash your inner queen (or king) when MiSSKT & Ryan Hanson swing their beautiful bodies past the adoring fans at Ziggurat with Singha (and wherever else the night may take them). Stick around and hear the sounds of Asia’s independent beatmakers and collectors when Sabai Sabai Radio takes over Ziggurat with Singha. Get amongst the crowd when the Ed Banger Records family come back for a special free-for-all DJ set. It’s like a B2B2B2B2B2B, only they’re all from Ed Banger Records. High five a stranger and hug your friends, or the other way around. Show love everywhere you go, and look out for each other in The Fields. And if it gets that far, don’t forget to swing by the panel discussion by Mistress Eva, Sarasense, and Preston Gaylord entitled Better Sex: A Date with Desire & Consent. If not, try The Elemental Return: A Self Love Journey in Embracing the Wild Within by Leeliu Lynx Sauvage, a special presentation at Wonderness. Listen to the story of Divyanshu Ganatra, a blind pilot and wilful adventurer. He’s speaking at Eco Pavilion as part of Scratch Talks. Revitalise weary limbs and creaky souls with a plant-forward Indian brunch by urban farmer and celebrated chef Deepanker Khosla from Bangkok’s Haoma. Return to ancient forests and spiritual centers with an introduction to Amazonian medicine with Torek Izaciga. Introduce young minds to the plight of the world’s endangered species with Disco Rhino Dances All Day, at Camp Wonder. Take a seat on the hillside and absorb the sounds of the city from Theatre Stage, recorded in Bangkok’s iconic spaces and reinterpreted by Erased Tapes artists and local soundsmiths as part of Musicity. Get the full insight into the Musicity program in a Scratch Talk by founder, BBC Radio 3 DJ, and music genius Nick Luscombe. Follow Nick Luscombe’s musical prowess to Solar Stage for a special Friday sundown set. Dine on Thailand’s seafood, prepared with skill and attention by sushi master Randy of Thonglor’s Fillets. He’s bringing the strict omakase format to The Fields at Wonder Kitchen on Saturday night. Refill your Wondercup at the refill stations throughout The Fields, and stay hydrated at all times. Ditch whatever’s left in your cup in our Drinks bins, and we’ll send the slops to be biologically treated at a water treatment plant. It’s part of our zero-landfill goal for 2019. Ride from point A to point B on an Offering Horse—themed, spectacular bicycles available for Wonderers who want to give their feet a rest. Prepare for an ambush by Bangkok Voices, as they bring their special brand of guerrilla choir to every corner of The Fields in unexpected moments. Shelter from the madness at the merch tent, and find official Wonderfruit 2019 hats, Wondercups, clips, straps, and essentials. Climb atop Solar Stage in the afternoon and take a nap in the sky. Capture the shapes of the human form at a life drawing session with Untitled Life Drawing. It’s in the mysterious bamboo structure known as “Untitled”. Practise your own bodily forms at a Wonderflow for the Curious Explorer yoga session, led by the inimitable Rosemary. Try your hand at fermentation and preserving under the tutelage of Chef Black from Blackitch, at Camp Edible. See how fermentation can turn your plain white t-shirt into something magical at a collaborative natural dye workshop with Patom and Take those colors and wave ‘em high at a Scratch Talk led by global LGBTI ally Bess Hepworth, and hear her story of shaping spaces and policy for the rainbow community around the world. Warm your bones and stretch your body in a traditional Yam Khang Thai fire therapy massage, where practitioners use fire on the soles of their feet to promote circulation and offer a deeper pressure. Venture to Neramit for the Fossick Project’s interactive shadow theater show, and see puppets in a new light. Stay under the shade of Neramit and top up energy levels with The Brunch Club, a refreshing morning meal with Hillpop sparkling cold brew coffee. Welcome the end of the daylight hours with a sunset fire show by Samui Circus Studio, an annual highlight in the center of The Fields. Stay lit at SOT for the Def Jam Records takeover on Friday, the first outing for the Thailand outpost of this iconic urban label. Make a night of it at Omelette, the space for communal tunes and all-day drinks, buoyed by Hendrick’s.  Reveal your inner diva in Cheese Shack, a karaoke bar hidden in a tree. Finding it is half the fun—the other half becomes apparent when you step up to the mic. Top up in between your expert renditions at the Stoli Bar in Living Village, just over the hill from Cheese Shack. OK, it’s not really a hill—more of an undulation. It’s time to call it, and make your way home. Boutique Campers can stop by Bar.Yard at Boutique Camping for their late-night cravings, or wake up to surprise Kimpton Moments in the morning. For off-site Wonderers, relax in the transportation pick-up/drop-off zone while you wait for your personal GrabCar chauffeur to whisk you back to your hotel or villa. Start the morning right with an Alchemy Experience by Six Senses, combining expertise and local herbs in a five-star spa treatment.  Make more of what nature has to offer in an all-ages coloring workshop by illustrator and creative Mumbot, by creating natural earth pigments and painting with the results. Pass Sunday with an unrivalled regional lineup of unique, worldly talent when ZudRangMa records kicks off the second date of their takeover at Neramit. Delve into our history of initiatives, attempts, and lessons at an exhibition of Wonderfruit’s sustainability ethos near The Woven House at Living Village. Get lost in The Woven House, the successful finalist of our open call for sustainable pavilion designs. The winning team, Trojans Collective, have created a geometric structure making use of traditional dying and weaving techniques across Southeast Asia. Contribute to a weekend-long art and architecture installation by building and maneuvering 2500 adobe bricks by Elin Eyborg at Living Village. Get a prime spot at Creature Stage for guaranteed gold performances by Brushy One String, Kelsey Lu, Chris The Pianist, GoGo Penguin and more instrumental geniuses. Have lunch with family recipes at Theatre of Feasts, when three of Thailand’s most prominent female chefs bring the flavors of their childhoods to a Wonder Feast. Update your festival fashion at A Taste of Wonder, and browse a curated collection of designers, vintage collectors, and accessorists. Sparkle up your look without harming the waterways at The Hive’s Eco-friendly Glitter Station—a chance to get some much-needed shimmer without plastic. Help keep The Fields as sparkly and clean as your newly-glittered body by separating all your waste at our #ThisIsNotTrash waste stations. There are seven bins to choose from, and none of them go to landfill.  Escape the sun (or dare we say, rain) at Tiki Bar, and gaze out over the lake below with a cool drink in hand. Groove guilt-free at Rainforest Pavilion, an uplifting rave supporting the threatened species of Indonesia’s dwindling rainforest environments. Plant a little forest of your own at the Oxygen Factory workshop by OurLand, and seed bomb the land around your place.  Wash the negativity and stress from your mind and soul with a Mindfulness Gong Bath, led by renowned Thai master Veerayuth Pongsiri. Carry the positive energy to Forbidden Fruit and get to know our Japanese cousins from Rainbow Disco Club, taking over the bamboo boudoir for one night only with favorites from their own incredible festival. Compare the magic you feel with the magick of Aramos the Wizard, a futurist who traces his powers and progress back to Merlin himself. Confused? Come to his Scratch Talk to see what it’s all about. Stay in the ancient arts and flex some muscle by getting your blacksmith on at Noorg Collaborative Arts & Culture x JITR Collective’s interactive smithing show. Follow the hammering rhythms of the blacksmiths to the hammering rhythms of Trojan Sound System, overwhelming Solar Stage with their dub selections and big beats. Take your seat at the table with 200 of your closest friends while the Michelin-starred chefs of Bangkok’s bo.lan join forces with the Michelin-starred chef Rishi of Singapore to create a Thai-Sri Lankan BBQ feast with extra refinement. Capture the perfect rooftop selfie atop Molam Bus, and join a legacy of Wonderers doing the same each time they return to The Fields. Allow yourself to be moved in a breathwork session by Harmony Healer, and find your natural high within. Keep your eyes up, your mind open, and your heart ready to Live. Love. and Wonder.   See you in The Fields x
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