At Wonderfruit, our ethos is to encourage, develop and innovate creative solutions for sustainable living and bring together a global community to celebrate them.

Reimagining Wonderfruit as a pop-up city


Let's re-think the way a society functions, from its waste management, water, transportation and logistics to energy, food, human interactions to social experiments. By designing a city with these elements in mind, we can re-engineer traditional practices to create a world we want to see.

Live. Love. Wonder.


Over the past five years, we’ve built a celebration of sustainability on six pillars: Art & Architecture, Farm to Feasts, Music, Family, Talks & Workshops and Wellness. This year, we continue to curate experiences that bring our global community together.

A celebration of the creative energy radiating out of the Southeast Asian diaspora, and hopefully, a glimpse into a new way of living.
From the Wonderpost
9 October 2019
Get Ready To Get Your Hands Dirty With Workshops
Wonderfruit is already in the best shape of its life heading into December 2019, but we all know that everything can be improved. Before we share everything else that you Wonderers will be able to see, touch, feel and experience in The Fields, we want to prepare you for some of our nearest and dearest activities and moments. Just like our workshops, a fine chance to learn and explore something you never knew you could do.   We asked our Wonderfruit workshops coordinators, Mook and Bow, to share some sneak insights into what to expect, and why everyone should be paying close attention to our workshops.   WONDERPOST: How many workshops will there be at Wonderfruit 2019?  MOOK AND BOW: There’ll be more than 30 workshops, plus even more for food, drinks, and wellness.   What is the programming direction? How are the practitioners and activities chosen?  All of the activities are chosen based on the content of the workshop. We ask what will people learn, and what will they be taking away with them after the workshop—and most importantly, how does this fit with our sustainability ethos? All workshops are creatively-driven, and focus on learning by doing. There’s a variety of workshops ranging from local crafts, to material technology, to sessions focussed on skills for everyday life. We want to explore different ways of learning, and we work alongside professional practitioners to design activity programs, process and outputs to make sure it’s diverse and very hands-on. We want to break away from the traditional classroom format and present a more freeing, unrestricted, accessible, engaging, and enjoyable way of learning.   What is considered a workshop?  At Wonderfruit, a workshop is anything that involves learning something through DIY and DIWO (Do It With Others). This could be new knowledge, new skills or traditional crafts, or a new awareness of creative social responsibility that applies to everyday life.       Name three workshops or activities that can't be missed and why they will be so good:  Shibari bondage workshop. Sex and sexuality is still a relatively taboo topic in Thailand, especially when it is expressed in public. This is a chance to learn connection and expression through the Japanese art of rope bondage, in a safe and judgment-free environment.  Living Village. In our new venue, the “hand” will be filled with workshops in each finger, from Precious Plastic and Indorama Ventures’ Concept Lab to building and racing your own robot. Camp Edible. This is a continuation of the very popular workshops from last year with Chef Black. Discover food survival skills like fermentation and food alchemy in a series of creative workshops with tasty results: sauce making, kombucha brewing, food dyeing, and more.    What about family programming, what are the highlights?  We’ve got a pop up farm to get kids excited about growing their own veggies and discovering the source of their food. There are seed bomb making workshops. And there’s even a mudslide!  We have a few surprises for our family zone, Camp Wonder—we are going to create an area filled with adventurous and creative activities that families can enjoy, kids and adults together.    Are they free? Paid? Bit of both?  A little bit of both, you’ll be walking away with something from all these workshops. Activities in the kids and family area are mostly free, and the more hands-on, crafty workshops may have a small price to pay to cover materials, but we make sure that it is worth it.     Why should Wonderers give workshops a go?  Because it’s a chance to learn something fun, crafty, and new. Get your hands and mind busy. Share your own skills and methods with others. Take away new skills that you can apply in everyday life. And meet new friends and mingle with others who have the same interest.    Thanks, team. Our full lineup of workshops will be dropping very soon, and you’ll be able to reserve your place in each activity. Hold tight.
2 October 2019
Make Room for Eats
The pillars that comprise the Wonderfruit program are the most impactful ways we can express our ethos, and each is given as much emphasis as the other. As a quick reminder, our pillars are Art & Architecture, Music, Farm to Feasts, Wellness, Family, and Talks & Workshops. It’s time to start thinking about Farm to Feasts, the most delicious of all activities.   Farm to Feasts is a catch-all term to describe every flavourful morsel to be found during the festival, from those delivered by dependable street food vendors to the refined results of Michelin-starred celebrities. We direct all the eats at Wonderfruit into three distinct areas: Wonder Feasts, Wonder Kitchen, and Pop-up Kitchens. Each has its own character and role at Wonderfruit, but all fit into the same ethos by celebrating the origin of our food, and taking steps to reduce the environmental impact of dining.   Wonder Feasts We believe great food can be enjoyed without harming the planet, and our many talented Wonder Feast chefs agree. Inside the Theatre of Feasts, at a single, uninterrupted table encouraging social dining, Wonder Feasts shine a focussed spotlight on ingredients, technique, and creativity. In front of an audience of 200 diners, chefs are issued the challenge of not only considering their impact but also creating cuisine that is original and sustainable, all from a temporary kitchen.        Wonder Kitchen At the smaller end of our Farm to Feasts scale is Wonder Kitchen, an intimately experimental space dedicated to the development of flavours and the sharing of culinary knowledge. 30 lucky wonderers get the chance to get up close and personal with notable local chefs while they get up close and personal with natural ingredients. At Wonder Kitchen, food leans into the experimental and dishes trend towards daring. Chefs discuss between courses, serving stories alongside the main event.       Pop-up Kitchens When it’s time to eat, you never have to go far to discover a satisfyingly nourishing, sustainably-sourced fill up. The heroes of Thailand’s food scene aren’t always found in traditional restaurants or commercial kitchens. The mobile stalls, carts, vans and trucks are out in force day and night, keeping Wonderfruit ticking at every hour—from pop-up appearances by beloved restaurants to a zone dedicated to classic street food flavours. Fill up with flavours from here and abroad, catered to you.   With every dish served in the The Fields, the source of our food is always at the front of our chefs’ and cooks’ minds. But beyond finding or growing ingredients and produce that don't cost the earth to deliver to our kitchens, we are always looking for new ways to keep our dining impact down—including at the other end of the process. From partnering with local non-profits to compost leftovers, and reducing waste along the way, we take the serious parts of eating very seriously to ensure that every flavour comes with a side of good feelings.
25 September 2019
Sippin on Sustainability
We spend so much time and energy thinking of ways to reduce our impact on the environment that we all love, and how to build creative experiences without harming our surroundings. Sometimes, the solutions are obvious to everybody; sometimes, the idea is just slightly out of our reach. Luckily for Team Wonderfruit, we can turn to the talents and smarts of our friends and suppliers.   Drinking, like dancing, is a part of Wonderfruit. Whether for late night tipples or day-long hydration, The Fields welcome Wonderers wanting to imbibe. The problem is the manufacture, transport, and storage of the 40 billion bottles of spirits the world drinks each year releases a huge amount of CO2 into the atmosphere, contributing to the devastating effects of climate change. We want everyone to have a chance to hydrate themselves with something tasty while enjoying Wonderfruit, but we also want to limit the scale of our carbon footprint. It’s a problem very few people ever consider, and one we have been grappling with since day one.   This is one of the occasions where our friends can step in and help. EcoSpirits has been thinking about the same problems we have, but they are far better qualified to address the issue—these are the same people responsible for one of Asia’s largest independent alcohol distribution networks. EcoSpirits have created an entirely new supply chain for spirits, reducing the carbon footprint of spirits by 80% and the glass and cardboard waste by more than 90%.     Naturally, we were excited to hear all of this. We are even more excited to host this system at Wonderfruit in December. For the first time, each of our bars in The Fields will be supplied by EcoSpirits. That means no glass bottles, no cardboard boxes, and only one delivery from the source to the site. EcoSpirits deliver spirits in bulk containers, and our bartenders all collect the drinks they need from our central refill stations—just like Wonderers refill their water bottles and reusable cups from our filtered water stations. This process eliminates multiple carbon-emitting steps from traditional alcohol production, which can typically involve multiple facilities in different parts of the world. The cycle can see a single bottle of spirits shipped between three or four factories from distillation to delivery, generating more than 500 grams of carbon emissions per bottle. That’s 30 grams per serve. Without a bottle, the drinks can be shipped directly and no waste is generated. When Wonderfruit is over, the bulk refill bottles are reused in bars, hotels, restaurants, and events.   It’s an almost perfect solution for Wonderfruit: a closed cycle which reduces emissions, eliminates waste, and keeps every Wonderer’s cup full. Every sip is making a difference. Bottoms up.
16 September 2019
Low-impact living in The Fields
It’s no secret that Wonderfruit is a place for motivating, encouraging, and sparking positive impact in the world. We make the cause known at every magical turn, and we take responsibility for ensuring that the land and resources that our pop-up city requires are left in better condition that when we found them. So as we move nearer and nearer to Wonderfruit, it’s time for everyone to start prepping our sustainable selves for the wonders of December.   Living sustainably at Wonderfruit takes small actions with big impacts. Making conscious choices to consume less, recycle more, and reduce our footprints isn’t difficult. It can be fun, simple, and even sexy. Here are just a few suggestions to make your stay in The Fields environmentally positive:   Getting here Wonderfruit only exists for four days and nights, so everyone has to travel to get here. Your transport choices have the most significant impact on your emissions footprint, but what can you do about it? Choose to carpool, opt for a lower-emissions vehicle, or offset your flight with carbon credits. A one-way flight from London to Bangkok generates more than 1.5 tons of carbon, but you can recover your carbon with forestry credits or green business initiatives for less than $30. You’ll still make it to The Fields in style, and the planet will be happier for it.   The getup Getting yourself festie fabulous is as much a part of Wonderfruit as Molam Bus selfies, bath house soaks, and Solar Stage sunrises. What covers you as you navigate The Fields can leave an impression on the Wonderers around you, and the environment that surrounds. In place of plastic accessories, single-use items, or fast fashion, get involved in the markets and workshops at Wonderfruit for a look that will last. And always, always remember: glitter is litter.   Get involved  Speaking of workshops, taking part in the activities of Wonderfruit is a guaranteed way to make a positive impact on the planet from the comfort of the pop-up city. Learn, reimagine, and wonder with upcycling, fermentation, compost, and more.    Reduce, reuse, refill Just like every year, plastic packaging is nowhere to be seen in The Fields. We make sure that every plate, piece of cutlery, and unavoidable single-use item is readily compostable to minimise any traces of Wonderfruit after the gates have closed. Reusable cups are the simplest, most stylish way to reduce waste at Wonderfruit, and are a long-lasting memory of your time with us. Bring your own, or pick up a stainless steel cup at the event, and live that sustainable lifestyle long into the future.    Wonderers can discover more about what we believe, and how we encourage everyone to live their most sustainable lives, by getting familiar with our Ethos.
9 September 2019
Intermission 2019
Bring your sound and style to the big stage at Wonderfruit with Intermission, our annual program giving talented, emerging acts the chance to shine.   Every year, while Wonderers are prepping for their time in The Fields, producer Howie B spends the weeks leading up to Wonderfruit working with our Intermission finalists. His decades of experience working with the likes of Björk, U2, Tricky, and Siouxsie and the Banshees is directed at the lucky few chosen to perform at Creature Stage between the main acts. Howie tweaks, instructs, and finesses each performer, giving them all the knowledge they need to excel.    If you want this to be your story, you can apply for Intermission now: submissions for 2019 are now open.   Send your demo to   All formats are accepted (MP3, SoundCloud, YouTube, etc) but to be considered, please submit a minimum of three songs. If you have more than three, send as many as you like. Show us what you’ve got.   Deadline for submission is November 15th. 
4 September 2019
What’s With All the Takeovers?
This December in The Fields, many of our beloved spaces are being handed over to our friends—giving the keys to our kingdom to party starters, trendsetters, and memory makers from here and far.    FORBIDDEN FRUIT   Our decadent bamboo boudoir is the first space to be given some outside attention. Starting on Friday night, DJs and performers from around the world will be showing Wonderers what they’ve got, and sharing a piece of their cities, communities, and culture with the gathered masses. Bangkok’s fiercest dancefloor divas, GO GRRRLS, are bringing the heat with their God Save The Queer takeover, a loud and proud LGBTQ-inclusive dance party filling every orifice with great tunes and good times all Friday long. Local community regulars Martian Child, and Wanton Witch are joined by members of the GO GRRRLS Crew Mae Happyair , Cleo P, and Dookie, and a hoard of dancers including Sillapin Zymone Gill and Amazon Sun. Seoul’s underground community, Shade Seoul, lends its friends Ligyre and Cozyhoon, each with blinding housey, disco sets. Singapore’s favourite lil’ selector, A/K/A Sounds, completes the loop with her high-energy dance mixes. The stakes are raised higher than ever before with the appearance of global icon Colleen "Cosmo" Murphy, a veteran of the international music since the '70s—mentored by David Mancuso at "The Loft" in New York, the first underground parties in the world.   On Saturday, France’s kings and queens of the dancefloor Ed Banger Records makes Forbidden Fruit their own, bringing their signature house, alternative dance, electro, hip hop, nu disco, and synthpop—all shared by a lineup of music-makers united by groove. Label boss Busy P anchors the experience, joined by Breakbot & Irfane, Yasmin, Myd, and Broadback, thanks to support from Collective Minds and the Embassy of France.    Sunday sees the Japanese faction of the festival family roll up to rep Rainbow Disco Club, and all the beauty it entails. The annual forest festival is loved for its positive, inclusive party atmosphere and thickly layered lineups—so their takeover of Forbidden Fruit should be no exception. France’s Raphaël Top-Secret ensures a night of good feelings, John Gómez keeps feet moving, while Sisi and Kikiorix stretch the sounds to the edges of recognition.     NERAMIT   Wonderfruit’s 24-hour bamboo base keeps its roots firmly local with a takeover by Bangkok’s ZudRangMa Records, a world groove institution known everywhere for rare and hard-to-find collections of killer vintage tunes and the promotion of Thai styles. The ZudRangMa extended family stretches well beyond the borders of Thailand, so this reunion needs two days to ensure everyone has their chance to shine. Across Friday and Sunday, Neramit will be the home zone for molam, lukthung, world, disco, and funk music by bands, producers and DJs. Native heroes The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band set the scene as they have around the world, Toomturn Molam Group keep things groovy, Rattanakosin Breakin Crew infuse their Thainess with hip hop, and Electric Piphat Band give a modern education in traditional instruments. Label head Maft Sai brings fellow Thailand-based DJs Chris Menist, Tassmah, DJ Funky Pump, Kanehbos, Juice Willis, and Tek Harrington. Double Agent 7, Booty Carrell, Funk Bast*rd, GUTS, MiMi, and Red-I bring their international sounds to the stage.     SOT   The urban playground in The Fields has always been a one-stop shop for the big city vibe, and this year is no exception. A lineup of special guest DJs from around the world are bringing their mixing muscle to SOT, representing the very best of the global Red Bull 3Style competition, an annual battle for turntable supremacy. Barbadian DJ Puffy is joined by fellow world champions Aleqs Notal from Paris, and DJ Rina from Japan—alongside Thai Red Bull 3Style champions DJ Bomber Selecta and DJ Whatdatfrog.    The hardest part will be seeing it all.
4 September 2019
Wanted: Digital Marketing Coordinator
We’re looking for a creative, highly driven individual to join our digital marketing team.   The full-time Digital Marketing Coordinator will assist the Digital Marketing Manager with day-to-day support, planning and execution of acquisition marketing communication plans through a 360 approach across multiple channels primarily featuring web, display, EDM, PPC/Search, video, social and more.   Here’s what the role entails:   Assist in the planning, development, and implementation of online acquisition campaigns to meet overall marketing objectives Assist in the implementation of display ad initiatives across Facebook, Instagram, and GDN. This includes setting up multiple campaigns, a/b creative testing, creative optimisation and understanding targeting capabilities Assist in the management of end-to-end creative development process - from brief writing to overseeing timelines and the ability to work positively alongside Wonderfruit’s creative team (content writers, designers, etc) to ensure messaging and creatives are delivered Analyze and report on digital campaigns weekly. Understand the digital trends and optimisations, creative- or media-driven, to improve creative across various channels Assist in the creative and strategic development for Wonderfruit’s core channels such as the website and mobile apps (iOS & Android) while working alongside management, tech and design teams to improve UX and UI initiatives Collaborate and coordinate with Wonderfruit’s various video teams to produce branded and performance-driven marketing videos Communicate effectively with regional market leads to coordinate content for localisation and distribution across Asian and Western markets   Requirements and qualifications   A bachelor’s degree or greater in marketing, communications or a related field A minimum of 1 year working knowledge of digital marketing and communications with a passion for new and creative ideas Understanding of digital marketing space and social media platforms for business Fluent written and spoken skills in English and Thai A positive and good team player Able to work in a fast-paced environment A critical thinker with problem-solving skills Good time management skills Highly organized and able to multitask   If you think you’ve got what it takes to be part of the Wonderfruit team, please send your application in English including a cover letter and CV to  
19 August 2019
Discover the music of Phase 1
It’s the sixth Wonderfruit, and we are so pleased to welcome a diverse lineup of live artists, producers, bands, and DJs. Wonderfruit has always been about more than the music—but we take our music curation as seriously as everything we do. Instead of “headliners” and supporting acts, every performance plays its part in the individual experiences we share with you, our Wonderers. We want every moment at Wonderfruit to be an expression of the mood, space, and atmosphere of The Fields. We want every sound to excite, explore, and embrace. We hope you'll find something to love.   To help you prepare for your sonic journey this year, we’ve prepared this handy guide to all things musical at Wonderfruit. We’ll keep this page updated with new artists at each announcement, so check back soon for even more.   Sunrise and sunset is celebrated at Solar Stage, with sets signalling each change of day. Listen out for Massive Attack’s Daddy G, sunrise salutes by Floating Points’ and Acid Pauli, and Arp Frique & Family’s afro-disco. Gidge will fill the iconic Solar Stage structure with sparse electronic soundscapes. Trojan Sound System brings up the bass with an earth-shaking soundtrack of dub, dancehall, and reggae.   The Quarry welcomes the return of Craig Richards’ Collisions, a curated selection of daring DJs and challenging producers from here and far. Willow makes her debut in The Fields, Bobby. Will represent club fabric London, where he is a resident, and Felix Dickinson returns for another unforgettable session. Binh will share the fruits of his crate-digging labour, while Thai club fixture DOTT builds deep house textures. Stalwart Nick The Record brings decades of club and festival experience, joining Switzerland’s classically-trained Sonja Moonear and Japan's playful Powder. With more than enough to fill the evenings, The Quarry will stay alive into the daylight hours for the first time in Wonderfruit's history.   The natural amphitheatre of Theatre Stage will come to life with the orchestral jazz sounds of French ensemble Electric Vocuhila and heartfelt local four-piece Mattnimare. Musicity launches completely original compositions live onstage—pieces inspired by the celebrated locations and iconic structures of Bangkok. Rival Consoles is joined by Erased Tapes labelmates Daniel Brandt & Eternal Something, Douglas Dare, Japanese producer Midori Hirano, and Hatis Noit to create new sounds for the city.   The deep, dark decadence of Forbidden Fruit meets its heavenly match in the dance-starters of Ed Banger Records. The French institution helmed by Busy P will take over Forbidden Fruit with performances by signings Myd, Breakbot & Irfane, and the boss himself. Look out for special appearances by vocal collaborator Yasmin alongside the Ed Banger hitmakers, as well as an unmissable set by celebrated DJ icon and global pioneer Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy.   Polygon is returning to The Fields with its 360º sensory experience, ready to immerse all worthy visitors in light, touch, and projection arts by international VFX artists. Dark-hour dances will be delivered by Alejandro Castelli, Dandara, Kusht (Live), Alban Endlos (Live). Luis Rosenberg, Reple, Martha van Straaten, Xique-Xique (Live), Miret, Timboletti (Live), Spaniol, Matanza (Live), and Sainte Vie (Live). Listen to our Spotify account for a selection of music from our all our talent to date, hear live sets on our SoundCloud, and listen to podcasts from our collaborators, founders and friends of Wonderfruit.
2 August 2019
Q&A: Nick Luscombe Explains Musicity and Hints at What’s in Store
One of the highlights of Wonderfruit 2019 is sure to be a live concert of musical creations inspired by iconic destinations in Bangkok. In a Q&A with Musicity founder, Nick Luscombe, we explore the project to give you a feel for what to expect.   WONDERPOST: What was your inspiration to start Musicity in the first place?   NICK: There were many reasons why the project started—and how it has developed.    I have long been fascinated by the design of our cities, how each individual place makes us feel and why we take certain routes and pathways as we journey from A to B. I was curious about the idea of embedded music at locations as a way to influence those decisions.    I also wondered how musicians would respond to architecture as a brief and if it was possible to create a new platform that would shine a light on new music and architecture.    How do music and architecture go hand in hand to create an experience?   Both are very immediate artforms and hugely influential in the way we live our day-to-day lives. They both have so much emotional resonance.     I feel that it’s quite an untapped subject, but our work over the last eight years is expanding into so many different areas now...we are only in the early stages of learning how we can work with sound and space to create new experiences.     You work with musicians, producers and even poets and scientists for the project; how do you choose them?    It’s important to get the right artists/poets for each set of locations. We try to make sure a lot of the artists have strong connections to the area of focus. We work independently in London and develop ideas with local producers internationally. The science angle is new and we are partnering with the University of Tokyo and other organisations including ARUP.    When it comes to the destination, what qualifies a site or setting for the Musicity treatment, and how do you match it with the artist?   Every place has its own unique characteristics, thanks to the interaction of various circumstances from the layout of the area and the shape of buildings, roadways and parks, to the people, animals, birds and insects that inhabit these spaces. This collision of events creates a perfect ecosystem of possibilities that inspires and informs our practice and enables us to work in all manner of places, from huge cities like Tokyo and Shanghai, to smaller towns and countryside areas.    We then aim to match artists with each place, working with a combination of local musicians and visiting musicians who research areas that are new to them.   What are some of your personal favorite Musicity experiences, projects or tracks so far? What makes them extra special for you?   It’s hard to pick a favourite! All tracks are unique and 100 percent dedicated to the space of inspiration. Each track becomes special when I go to the location and hear it in situ for the first time. For me there are now so many parts of the world that have become new memories thanks to the music associated with them   We’ve been fortunate to work on large scale projects in China, Japan and Korea...and also smaller one-off pieces for gallery exhibitions. The body of work is of such high quality from all of our artists. It’s super humbling!     What’s the greatest challenge in creating music for a destination?   I think for the artists it’s about the fact that each piece will be associated with the space forever. That’s quite a heavy commitment, I feel.    For Musicity at Wonderfruit you’ve selected artists from Erased Tapes Records, what’s the story behind the collaboration?   I’ve long been a fan of the Erased Tapes label and the many artists they work with. Although the releases are sonically quite varied, the label does have a sound world that I felt would match the aims of Musicity,    After a conversation with label boss Robert (an ex architect) and several of the Erased Tapes artists, it was clear that we could make this happen.    It’s quite a challenge to write tracks in a very short time about a place that’s far away, but I sense it’s going to result in some very special work.   How are the locations selected for the Bangkok edition?   The list of locations has been developed with the Wonderfruit team and the visiting artists. This is another critical part of our work: developing the Musicity programme through local knowledge to ensure it has wide-ranging appeal to people that live in the city as a primary endeavour.   How do you imagine soundtracks of Bangkok?   I have never been to Thailand but I can imagine there is so much hidden sonic richness in Bangkok to unearth, which will fully represent what I sense is an incredibly dynamic city.   What are you personally looking forward to at Wonderfruit?   The line-up is incredible and I’m looking forward to checking out as much music as possible surrounded by the combination of the stunning natural landscape and the architectural interactions from Ab Rogers. I really can’t wait!    What’s in store for Musicity next?   We have big plans for several cities around the world - including films, more VR experiences and live events.   Enormous thanks to Nick for taking the time to talk us through his global project. We can’t wait to experience it at Theatre Stage in December. Find out more here. 
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