At Wonderfruit, our ethos is to encourage, develop and innovate creative solutions for sustainable living and bring together a global community to celebrate them.

Reimagining Wonderfruit as a pop-up city


Let's re-think the way a society functions, from its waste management, water, transportation and logistics to energy, food, human interactions to social experiments. By designing a city with these elements in mind, we can re-engineer traditional practices to create a world we want to see.

Live. Love. Wonder.


Over the past five years, we’ve built a celebration of sustainability on six pillars: Art & Architecture, Farm to Feasts, Music, Family, Talks & Workshops and Wellness. This year, we continue to curate experiences that bring our global community together.

2019 Highlights
A celebration of the creative energy radiating out of the Southeast Asian diaspora, and hopefully, a glimpse into a new way of living.
From the Wonderpost
10 November 2019
Keep it Cashless in The Fields with Bangkok Bank
We’re working with the clever characters at Bangkok Bank once again to bring back the ease and freedom of our cashless wristbands this December.   When you first arrive at Wonderfruit, we'll issue you a wristband. It's really important you keep it on for the whole weekend—we made it beautiful enough that we're sure you'll want to hold it close.   Think of your wristband as your wallet. With it, you can pay for everything in The Fields from food and drinks, to workshops and merchandise. It's easy, and you won’t have to wait long in queues to get important things done.   Adding funds to your wristband is easy, just head to one of the 13 Top-Up Stations scattered around The Fields, conveniently located near ATMs. We recommend topping up as soon as you get through the gates, so you don't have to think about it. Before leaving the festival grounds for good, be sure to get a full refund for any unused credit at selected Top-Up Stations. Refunds are only available for cash and debit card top-ups, and your refund will be issued in cash. If it's all too hard to find, the app will help. Speaking of the app, it's coming soon.    This simple cashless payment system comes courtesy of Bangkok Bank, which is leading the way in designing technology that is both safe and convenient for now and the future. Thanks, Bangkok Bank. Nice one.  
8 November 2019
Where did you get your tickets to Wonderfruit 2019?
We get it: Wonderfruit is a hot ticket. Just be careful where you're clicking to snap yours up.   Heads up, Wonderers: we’ve noticed an influx of tickets being resold, and offered in places that aren't our official channels. Don't forget, our website in partnership with, and are the only places to find authorized tickets; Ticketmelon and Festicket are the only official third-party ticketing platforms for Wonderfruit 2019.    Tickets from any other source will not be valid for entry to the festival. That means no reselling platforms, no Facebook groups, and no back-alley transactions. Yes, we see you. Wonderfruit reserves the right to refuse entry and we cannot offer refunds or exchanges on tickets purchased from unauthorized sellers.    Here are some things you should know about Wonderfruit tickets: There are no physical tickets for sale. If it's printed, you can't buy it—and you can't use it to get in. You will need photo ID to get through the gates. The name on the ticket has to match the name on the ID. We have some friends and partners who are selling tickets via other platforms, like Rainforest Pavilion. If you aren't sure, ask—we will steer you right.   If your tickets have been purchased from an unofficial channel, we suggest that you reconcile with the seller directly and repurchase your ticket through our channel to guarantee entry. We want you to have the best experience possible and having a valid ticket guarantees a stress-free start to an incredible journey.   Find out more about our ticket types and phases in this handy guide.
3 November 2019
Indorama Ventures Is Creating a Stage From Your Plastic Bottles
Creature Stage is our newest performance space at Wonderfruit, debuting inside the ear of Living Village this December.   To make Creature Stage, we went back to the drawing board to completely reconstruct the idea of a main stage. We wanted the space to be a reflection of everything that we at Wonderfruit hold near and dear, from the function to the design to the sustainability practise.     Indorama Ventures had the ideal way to bring together all the elements we wanted to include, all in a vibrant and impactful way. As one of the country’s largest recyclers of PET plastics, Indorama Ventures are able to create recycled fibres that can be turned into vibrant, hard-wearing fabrics. Creature Stage will be decorated in stunning fashion by these fabrics—but we need your help.   This is where our #FeedTheCreature bins come in. Simply by depositing your PET plastic bottles and caps in the (quite pretty) Wonderfruit bins at Emquartier and Siam Paragon, you can contribute to Creature Stage and the recycled fabrics that will make it a standout feature of The Fields.     Look for the bright-coloured #FeedTheCreature bins in the following spots: Emquartier Food Hall, on B and G floors; Siam Paragon Food Hall, G floor.   It’s really easy: remove the cap from the bottle, put the bottle and cap in their own bins, and feel good about what you’ve done. The recycling enthusiasts at GEPP will collect everything, and send it on its way to start a new life. Your unwanted bottles will be recycled by Indorama Ventures, spun into fibres, and adorn our new stage as fabrics. The used caps will be sorted, cleaned, and crushed by Precious Plastics—becoming new objects at our Concept Lab workshops.   See the results of your generosity at Wonderfruit when Creature Stage comes to life from 12-16 Dec.
25 October 2019
Jim Thompson Makes Some Noise with Molam Bus
Classic Thai brand Jim Thompson is a torch-bearer for the style and culture of Isaan, Thailand’s proud Northeastern region. Their now-iconic Molam Bus celebrates exactly that, and we are so lucky to be able to host the big orange marvel in The Fields every year.    Climb up on the roof for the perfect sunset selfie, get inside for a museum exhibit dedicated to the power of Molam as a cultural force for good, and flex from the soul with free Fon Isaan dance workshops. Return every afternoon for an upcountry party like no other, buzzing with the rhythms and sound of Molam, Luk Thung, and regional variations.    The musical backdrop is provided by local idol Chalermpol Malakham and Junlaholaan Band, sharing tunes ranging from times gone by to the future sounds of this traditional form. As the night creeps in, stay a while to experience the full spectrum of color, flavor, and vibes a countryside disco can offer—all put together on a stage outfitted in vibrant, handmade Jim Thompson fabrics upcycled for a second life.
24 October 2019
Bubblin’ with Singha the Fizzy Bar
Singha takes pride of place in The Fields with Ziggurat, an upcycled beer garden for rest and refreshment. As a proudly Thai brand with a pioneering spirit, there has always been more to Singha than tall cups of an iconic beer.   This is where Singha the Fizzy Bar comes into the picture. Within the geometric, elevated forms of Ziggurat sits a bar dedicated to another of Singha’s creations: the effervescent, bubbly excitement of Singha Soda Water. The new bar shines a spotlight on creative cocktails of both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic kind, all created by a proudly Thai, pioneering bartender: Niks Anuman-Rajadhon.   Wherever you travel in the world, ask a bartender who they know in Thailand and the answer will likely be Niks. Since bursting onto the scene ten years ago, the energetic and charming Niks has made his presence known through his catering, distribution, and events businesses and two of Bangkok’s most beloved watering holes: Teens of Thailand and Asia Today. Teens of Thailand is the first ever gin bar in the country, opened to much fanfare in 2015 in a grungy back alley of Chinatown. Asia Today, a foraging-focused rum bar, followed three years later in the alleyway directly opposite—although Niks and co-owner Gunn Lee go to great lengths to create distance between the two establishments, even going as far as to emblazon the walls of Asia Today with a neon reading “This bar is better than Teens of Thailand”.   Niks’ contribution to the menu at Singha the Fizzy Bar express why his bars and businesses continue to enjoy popular success. The two creative concoctions combine Thai flavours, fresh ingredients and Singha Soda Water.      ‘Singha Siam’ is a herbacious, non-alcoholic refresher made with grape, lime and tiger ear—a fragrant local herb with a minty, oregano finish. The punchy mix is then topped off with Singha Soda Water and served over ice. The perfect cool down in the midst of The Fields.     ‘Singha Sunrise’ is a local twist on the classic gin cocktail, shaking Thai tea-infused gin with lime and bitters before topping up with Singha Soda Water. It’s a colorful, classic cocktail that makes the most of the zesty, silky flavor of Thai tea.   Experience a new way to refresh at Singha the Fizzy Bar at Ziggurat with Singha, and meet the man behind the menu when Niks Anuman-Rajadhon steps up to the bar to mix his original creations from 7-9:30pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
15 October 2019
No Single-use Cups at Wonderfruit
The most popular item that ends up in our waste each year is cups. Single-use cups. So our solution is simple: no single-use cups at Wonderfruit. This time, you'll need to bring your own (or buy one from us).   Wondercup (dune): BUY NOW   Wondercup (cacao): BUY NOW   Wondercup (steel): BUY NOW   Our pop-up city is a beautiful place, surrounded by a natural environment we wouldn’t trade for the world. For all the beauty and good feelings Wonderfruit creates, it also generates waste. Tons of waste. 33 tons last year alone. Much of that waste is packaging—the compostable and biodegradable plates, cutlery, and cups you wine and dine from. These materials are returned to nature, but that doesn’t solve the main problem; we still have too much waste. To address this, we need to all work together.     The most popular item that ends up in our waste each year is cups. Single-use cups. So our solution is simple:   NO SINGLE-USE CUPS AT WONDERFRUIT   From this December, every Wonderer must bring their own cup. You’ll need to carry your cup with you for every drink: your morning coffee, breakfast smoothie, afternoon juice or evening libation. Bring your cup, keep it close at hand, and take it home when you’re done wondering.   This is a change, and we need everyone to understand what it means.   NO CUP, NO SERVICE   That’s the simple version. We’ve put a lot of thought into how this will work, and we are making the refill life as easy for you as possible. If you don’t have a reusable cup, you won’t be able to order a drink.   BRING YOUR OWN CUP, OR BUY ONE FROM US   Any 16-ounce (pint) cup that is made for reuse is welcome at Wonderfruit: stainless steel, enamel, recycled plastic—there are some stylish options available out there. But please, no glass. If your cup is bigger than 16 ounces (473ml), bring it anyway. The vendors and bartenders will just leave a little room at the top.      If you want something ready-to-use, try our range of Wondercups. Each is a 16-ounce, refillable, portable, stylish vessel made from either stainless steel or rice husk, ready to slake your thirst in The Fields. Order your own Wondercup now, collect it at Wonderfruit, and rock a refill all weekend long. Prices start from 500 THB, or 600 THB at the gate.   Wondercup (dune): BUY NOW   Wondercup (cacao): BUY NOW   Wondercup (steel): BUY NOW     There will be wash stations throughout The Fields, and you can also refill with fresh water any time you need to hydrate along the way.   WHAT IS A SINGLE-USE CUP?   A single-use cup is a cup that you don’t care about. It is designed to be used for one drink, and then disposed of.   Here’s an easy test: does your cup bend when you squeeze it? If it bends, It’s not made for refill, and it’s not made for Wonderfruit.   A refill cup: Is made of sturdy stuff (but not glass or ceramic). Doesn’t bend when squeezed. Gets washed, not thrown away. Is 16-ounce / 473ml / a pint.   Carry your cup everywhere you go, and together we can reduce tons of waste from Wonderfruit. We want to encourage everyone to rethink how waste is created, handled, and perceived in our world. It’s part of our thoughtful economy, replacing the disposable culture of convenience that has created the problems we all must solve.
9 October 2019
Get Ready To Get Your Hands Dirty With Workshops
Wonderfruit is already in the best shape of its life heading into December 2019, but we all know that everything can be improved. Before we share everything else that you Wonderers will be able to see, touch, feel and experience in The Fields, we want to prepare you for some of our nearest and dearest activities and moments. Just like our workshops, a fine chance to learn and explore something you never knew you could do.   We asked our Wonderfruit workshops coordinators, Mook and Bow, to share some sneak insights into what to expect, and why everyone should be paying close attention to our workshops.   WONDERPOST: How many workshops will there be at Wonderfruit 2019?  MOOK AND BOW: There’ll be more than 30 workshops, plus even more for food, drinks, and wellness.   What is the programming direction? How are the practitioners and activities chosen?  All of the activities are chosen based on the content of the workshop. We ask what will people learn, and what will they be taking away with them after the workshop—and most importantly, how does this fit with our sustainability ethos? All workshops are creatively-driven, and focus on learning by doing. There’s a variety of workshops ranging from local crafts, to material technology, to sessions focussed on skills for everyday life. We want to explore different ways of learning, and we work alongside professional practitioners to design activity programs, process and outputs to make sure it’s diverse and very hands-on. We want to break away from the traditional classroom format and present a more freeing, unrestricted, accessible, engaging, and enjoyable way of learning.   What is considered a workshop?  At Wonderfruit, a workshop is anything that involves learning something through DIY and DIWO (Do It With Others). This could be new knowledge, new skills or traditional crafts, or a new awareness of creative social responsibility that applies to everyday life.       Name three workshops or activities that can't be missed and why they will be so good:  Shibari bondage workshop. Sex and sexuality is still a relatively taboo topic in Thailand, especially when it is expressed in public. This is a chance to learn connection and expression through the Japanese art of rope bondage, in a safe and judgment-free environment.  Living Village. In our new venue, the “hand” will be filled with workshops in each finger, from Precious Plastic and Indorama Ventures’ Concept Lab to building and racing your own robot. Camp Edible. This is a continuation of the very popular workshops from last year with Chef Black. Discover food survival skills like fermentation and food alchemy in a series of creative workshops with tasty results: sauce making, kombucha brewing, food dyeing, and more.    What about family programming, what are the highlights?  We’ve got a pop up farm to get kids excited about growing their own veggies and discovering the source of their food. There are seed bomb making workshops. And there’s even a mudslide!  We have a few surprises for our family zone, Camp Wonder—we are going to create an area filled with adventurous and creative activities that families can enjoy, kids and adults together.    Are they free? Paid? Bit of both?  A little bit of both, you’ll be walking away with something from all these workshops. Activities in the kids and family area are mostly free, and the more hands-on, crafty workshops may have a small price to pay to cover materials, but we make sure that it is worth it.     Why should Wonderers give workshops a go?  Because it’s a chance to learn something fun, crafty, and new. Get your hands and mind busy. Share your own skills and methods with others. Take away new skills that you can apply in everyday life. And meet new friends and mingle with others who have the same interest.    Thanks, team. Our full lineup of workshops will be dropping very soon, and you’ll be able to reserve your place in each activity. Hold tight.
2 October 2019
Make Room for Eats
The pillars that comprise the Wonderfruit program are the most impactful ways we can express our ethos, and each is given as much emphasis as the other. As a quick reminder, our pillars are Art & Architecture, Music, Farm to Feasts, Wellness, Family, and Talks & Workshops. It’s time to start thinking about Farm to Feasts, the most delicious of all activities.   Farm to Feasts is a catch-all term to describe every flavourful morsel to be found during the festival, from those delivered by dependable street food vendors to the refined results of Michelin-starred celebrities. We direct all the eats at Wonderfruit into three distinct areas: Wonder Feasts, Wonder Kitchen, and Pop-up Kitchens. Each has its own character and role at Wonderfruit, but all fit into the same ethos by celebrating the origin of our food, and taking steps to reduce the environmental impact of dining.   Wonder Feasts We believe great food can be enjoyed without harming the planet, and our many talented Wonder Feast chefs agree. Inside the Theatre of Feasts, at a single, uninterrupted table encouraging social dining, Wonder Feasts shine a focussed spotlight on ingredients, technique, and creativity. In front of an audience of 200 diners, chefs are issued the challenge of not only considering their impact but also creating cuisine that is original and sustainable, all from a temporary kitchen.        Wonder Kitchen At the smaller end of our Farm to Feasts scale is Wonder Kitchen, an intimately experimental space dedicated to the development of flavours and the sharing of culinary knowledge. 30 lucky wonderers get the chance to get up close and personal with notable local chefs while they get up close and personal with natural ingredients. At Wonder Kitchen, food leans into the experimental and dishes trend towards daring. Chefs discuss between courses, serving stories alongside the main event.       Pop-up Kitchens When it’s time to eat, you never have to go far to discover a satisfyingly nourishing, sustainably-sourced fill up. The heroes of Thailand’s food scene aren’t always found in traditional restaurants or commercial kitchens. The mobile stalls, carts, vans and trucks are out in force day and night, keeping Wonderfruit ticking at every hour—from pop-up appearances by beloved restaurants to a zone dedicated to classic street food flavours. Fill up with flavours from here and abroad, catered to you.   With every dish served in the The Fields, the source of our food is always at the front of our chefs’ and cooks’ minds. But beyond finding or growing ingredients and produce that don't cost the earth to deliver to our kitchens, we are always looking for new ways to keep our dining impact down—including at the other end of the process. From partnering with local non-profits to compost leftovers, and reducing waste along the way, we take the serious parts of eating very seriously to ensure that every flavour comes with a side of good feelings.
25 September 2019
Sippin on Sustainability
We spend so much time and energy thinking of ways to reduce our impact on the environment that we all love, and how to build creative experiences without harming our surroundings. Sometimes, the solutions are obvious to everybody; sometimes, the idea is just slightly out of our reach. Luckily for Team Wonderfruit, we can turn to the talents and smarts of our friends and suppliers.   Drinking, like dancing, is a part of Wonderfruit. Whether for late night tipples or day-long hydration, The Fields welcome Wonderers wanting to imbibe. The problem is the manufacture, transport, and storage of the 40 billion bottles of spirits the world drinks each year releases a huge amount of CO2 into the atmosphere, contributing to the devastating effects of climate change. We want everyone to have a chance to hydrate themselves with something tasty while enjoying Wonderfruit, but we also want to limit the scale of our carbon footprint. It’s a problem very few people ever consider, and one we have been grappling with since day one.   This is one of the occasions where our friends can step in and help. EcoSpirits has been thinking about the same problems we have, but they are far better qualified to address the issue—these are the same people responsible for one of Asia’s largest independent alcohol distribution networks. EcoSpirits have created an entirely new supply chain for spirits, reducing the carbon footprint of spirits by 80% and the glass and cardboard waste by more than 90%.     Naturally, we were excited to hear all of this. We are even more excited to host this system at Wonderfruit in December. For the first time, each of our bars in The Fields will be supplied by EcoSpirits. That means no glass bottles, no cardboard boxes, and only one delivery from the source to the site. EcoSpirits deliver spirits in bulk containers, and our bartenders all collect the drinks they need from our central refill stations—just like Wonderers refill their water bottles and reusable cups from our filtered water stations. This process eliminates multiple carbon-emitting steps from traditional alcohol production, which can typically involve multiple facilities in different parts of the world. The cycle can see a single bottle of spirits shipped between three or four factories from distillation to delivery, generating more than 500 grams of carbon emissions per bottle. That’s 30 grams per serve. Without a bottle, the drinks can be shipped directly and no waste is generated. When Wonderfruit is over, the bulk refill bottles are reused in bars, hotels, restaurants, and events.   It’s an almost perfect solution for Wonderfruit: a closed cycle which reduces emissions, eliminates waste, and keeps every Wonderer’s cup full. Every sip is making a difference. Bottoms up.
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