The sounds, sights and flavours of an urban playground in The Fields.

SOT has been a day one staple of The Fields, growing up and evolving each year. The venue is a raucous expression of urban diversity, showcasing the food, music, art, and culture of the big city.

Street art by local artists, block party tunes, and a lineup from here and abroad set the scene for some of Bangkok’s best eateries to do what they do best—sling comforting, casual fare all night.


Def Jam Represents

Trust the world’s biggest name in urban music to curate a high-energy lineup of rappers, producers, vocalists, and MCs representing the far reaches of Bangkok city.

Red Bull 3Style

Every year, the best on the decks come together to battle for turntablist supremacy as part of Red Bull’s 3Style. 3Style finalists and winners from Barbados to Japan step up for one night at Wonderfruit, showing SOT what it takes to be a world champ.
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Wonder Facts


At the inaugural Wonderfruit, the first iteration of SOT was a dining destination starring some of Thonglor’s best-loved chefs and eateries. The food hall evolved and grew along with Wonderfruit, adding DJs, a bar, a stage, and international musical acts. Little by little, SOT has hoisted the urban flag high in the middle of The Fields.


SOT is not just a handy acronym, it’s the obvious next step from the original name: Straight Outta Thonglor. Since the camp has grown up to represent a global hood far beyond the Bangkok suburb of Thonglor, it’s been time to shed some syllables and refine the reputation.

Philtration and Pussyfoot Saloon at SOT with Monkey Shoulder

A modern apothecary in the heart of Bangkok joins guest bartenders from Seoul’s Pussyfoot Saloon. Get ready for drinks to match the big beats of everyone’s favorite urban playground, all served up with a little Monkey Shoulder magic.

2:00pm – 6:00am from Thursday to Sunday


Watch SOT build alongside Wonderfruit from the first festival to their biggest effort yet, 2018’s edition with a global line up of live acts and huge crowds.