Our ethos
and how we live it
We encourage, develop and innovate creative solutions for sustainable living and bring together a global community to celebrate them. We use our platform to catalyze creativity and make a meaningful positive impact.
Our Commitment to Sustainability
In 2017, we became certified as a carbon neutral festival
An integral part of living sustainably is reducing and counterbalancing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions we produce. Last year we got a certificate from Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO) for reducing our carbon emissions to zero.
We have a zero single-use plastic policy
Our tableware is compostable, our cups are made from bagasse and we even discount beverages for those who reuse. We also have Wonderfruit branded tumblers that you can take home and use all year. Whatever you choose, there is no room for single-use plastic at Wonderfruit.
Our water system is self sufficient
From drinking water to irrigating our land, all H2O used comes straight from our natural lakes, eliminating the need for outsourcing water and thus reducing our carbon footprint in the process.
Our farm is constantly evolving
We use traditional farming methods to cultivate and transform our farm into an interactive learning and workshop space, focusing on new practices of sustainable living each year.
Where Sustainability Meets Art
Led by an array of talented designers, both locally and internationally recognized, we aim to inspire Wonderers with architectural experiences that encourage creativity but showcase how the sustainable and the spectacular can go hand-in-hand.
Building fruitful partnerships
From our inclusion into Plastic Pollution Coalition to fueling the next generation of eco-startups with the UNDP, recycling plastic bottles and helping plant 3,500 mangrove trees, we find true strength comes in collaboration.
Investing into nature… via blockchain
We have already planted 10,000+ mangrove trees in Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park. Unlike traditional tree donations, we are supporting this initiative entirely by investing into an innovative type of cryptocurrency known as the TREE coin.
Open your mind; get inspired
Through our Scratch Talks series, we place the spotlight on eco-heroes and inspiring pioneers, inviting them to story-tell their vast ranging experiences.
New land, new architecture, new adventures.
See you in The Fields.
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