3 super sensible reasons you should pick up tickets now

1.  You’re probably not going to know the lineup anyway.

We at Wonderfruit spend a lot of time curating experiences, everything is intended to be new and something you’ve probably never seen/heard/felt before. We intentionally choose artists, acts and activities that have never been brought to Thailand before – in fact, ones that you’ve likely not even heard before.  We encourage all Wonderers to open your mind and think about things a little differently and explore the lineup in the same way you would a new city. Just like in previous years, there is really no reason to wait until our Phase 2 or Phase 3 lineup announcements, we promise that you’ll love it all.

2. Our prices will keep going up. And up.

Tickets are based on phases so the earlier you get them, the more you save. This way you’ll have a lot more leftover to spend on your own experiences at Wonderfruit (and at the bar) so get your tickets while we are still in Phase 1 pricing.  4-Day Passes are currently B5,200 but if you like paying more, the same pass will be B7,500 at the door. You have until 4 Sep to seal the deal.

3. It’s going to be life changing

How many chances do you get to immerse yourself in a plethora of multi-sensory experiences? We’re in the run up to year five so you must know us pretty well by now, we’ve done some pretty cool stuff. You don’t want to miss this year because we’re going above and beyond. Trust us – have we ever been wrong before? Take a look back through some of our favorite transformative experiences.

To sum it up, we want everyone to save more and plan early – it just makes your life easier. Pick up your Phase 1 tickets before 4 Sept here.