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Jim Thompson brings its iconic Molam Bus back to Wonderfruit

25 November 2018 | Wonderfruit

Our friends Jim Thompson return to Wonderfruit this year with their picture-perfect Molam Bus. The mobile disco has become somewhat of an icon in The Fields for its display of the social history and musical traditions of Thailand’s Isaan province. Music is provided by bands who play tunes from eras gone by, including improvisational Isaan named All-Thidsa. Take in a bird’s eye view of The Fields from atop of the bus, which has become one of the most Instagrammable spots from The Fields, or head down below where the dance party takes place. From 4pm – 6pm on Friday and Saturday, take part in a free Fon Isan dance workshop at the Molam Bus to learn the various rhythms and dance movements so you can take part in the live performance of Molam music. Once again, the creation comes courtesy of Jim Thompson, whose dedication to recycling, upcycling and making beautiful things matches our own vision.