Ziggurat, where you can give your feet a rest courtesy of Singha

Ziggurat, an upcycled beer garden that looks as intriguing as its name. The multilevel sanctuary for beer enthusiasts will occupy a slice of The Fields just next to the Living Stage and serve ice cold libations by Singha.


This year, instead of crates and cushions, Ziggurat is assembled using cubes that act as giant building blocks and fashioned from bamboo and prayer mats. Inspiration is derived from the Spanish-style steps of Rome and lead up to an elevated nest perched atop the structure that looks like the cascading rice terraces of Southeast Asia. All together Ziggurat gives Wonderers a cozy bird’s eye view of The Fields.


Also look out for a charming flower garden, shaped like star and composed entirely of thousands of upcycled Singha bottles masquerading as vases. Musical accompaniment comes courtesy of DJs from 4pm until midnight daily with tunes tailored to keeping the party going but with just the right amount of chill – exactly what you need in The Fields when going from stage to stage.